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Crooked Lake Ranch - A line of Legacy

Peyton Turner Wilson

Peyton Turner Wilson (Pat) is considered a legendary Polled Hereford Breeder that was a pioneer for Hereford cattle in the Southeast region.  Pat brought the influence of the Victor Domino genes to Crooked Lake Ranch, starting the tradition of being a top performance cattle breeder.  The Victor Domino bloodline is truly a bloodline of legacy with many legendary bulls and dams that are distinctly known throughout the Hereford breed.  Crooked Lake Ranch, through the management of David McCullers, is passionately devoted to continuing the tradition of Pat’s love and dream of his Hereford Cattle.

It all began in Deland, FL where Pat purchased his first set of Hereford cows from Mr. Francis P. Whitehair.  One of the first great bulls used at Crook Lake Ranch was CMR Mischief Domino 113 a son of CMR Rollo Domino 12 which was used in 1956.  A few years later Pat discovered the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, GA,  where he met many of his cattle mentors including R.W. Jones and the Victor Domino bloodline that influenced the loyalty that Crooked Lake Ranch has for the Victor Domino family pedigree.

To start the Victor Domino bloodline throughout Crooked Lake Ranch’s progeny Pat used Victor Domino A14 which is one of the greatest performance bulls of all time.  Then in 1971, Pat purchased 69 head of Hereford cows from R.W. Jones which was the last cow purchase making it a closed herd.  For over 50 years Crooked Lake Ranch has been in the registered Hereford industry and continues to stay true to the Victor Domino bloodline; this tradition is still in progress for the performance cattle industry.