he Victor Domino line of cattle is known worldwide for their maternal traits. We continuously improve on the Victor Domino strength and work diligently on any weaknesses. We strive to improve the base line of the Victor Domino within our environment, while meat and muscle is added without losing the maternal traits. These cattle are produced and evaluated in extreme heat and drought conditions. With performance testing and by record keeping these grass raised beef cattle are selected for easy keeping and average size. We have been a closed herd for over forty years committed to the values of the Victor Domino blood line. We have never wavered from our goal of producing the best Victor Domino genetics possible. By being loyal to the improvement of the Victor Domino line, Pat Wilson was recognized by the American Hereford Association. He was inducted to the Hereford Association Hall of Fame in November 2008. His legacy will always be associated with Victor Domino genetics.

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